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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On the Hungarian elections

Recently, Hungary held general elections for local governments and parliamentary representation, which also decided the governing party for the next four years (barring incidents). The results are somewhat surprising.

FIDESZ became the governing party, with an overwhelming majority, above the two thirds required to modify the constitution, which is worrying, to say the least. Why? During the campaigns, FIDESZ advocated quite a radical stance. They preached a thoroughly populist propaganda, blaming the previous, emergency government for the current situation, forgetting that they themselves held power for two terms before, and did nothing at all to improve the economy. They vowed to repeal all laws by the previous administration, especially those that introduced belt-tightening measures. Those acts, mind you, which dragged the country out of the pits, and set in on the road to recovery in the midst of a global financial crisis. What they are planning to do will not only deplete the national reserves in an instant, but will also undo all the recovery measures the previous administration took. But that is not the greatest of worries...

The second biggest party is Jobbik, short for Jobbik Magyarországért Mozgalom (Movement for a Better Hungary). They are obviously far-right wing, maintaining a clearly illegal militia, despite several court orders banning it. And although both parties deny it, they are clearly in allegiance with FIDESZ. This has led to them being in control of at least one important committee in the parliament, the 'committee in charge of youth, education, social affairs and housing'. The chair of this committee is a Jobbik representative, a convicted vandal and known skinhead leader, who has been photographed clashing with the police several times. They also very nearly gained the chair of the national defense committee, but the House rejected this nomination after intense debate.

What the new government does still remains to be seen, but one can only hope that FIDESZ will not undo all the progress the previous government wrought, even if it was at the expense of the populace. Sometimes, sacrifices must be made. And let this be on the record, especially by the politicians of this country, who have long ago lost our trust.

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